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  • I have been a Casino gaming inspector for 35 years, all but five of the years that it has been legal, and have seen all, systems in operation, at one time or another, all of them win at some stage, or other, and all of them lose more often than they win, just like random selection does. The Martingale systems are simply assuming that the wheel will , in the short term, balance out the numbers that are provided by the croupier, to give an eqwual chance of all appearing equally likely, the last serious test of this, was by a mathemetician, I personally knew, who reckoned, quite correctly that if this was tried using small enough stakes and by betting on a single number with the minimum stake starting at 25p, that the house could be beaten, ( he is correct, at least mathematically, ), he chose the number 35 and began playing 25p until 35 spins had passed by, then increased to 50p for 35 spins, increasing his bet by 25p every failed 35 spins, hehad to wait for more than 28 HOURS before his bet hit, and by then he had spent £63,000, and was betting about £2,000 a spin, he still had not reached the limit, If you start by betting £10 and doubling it on even chance bets you will reach most casinos limits, with just six bets i.e. £10, then £20, then £40, then £80, then £160, then £320, £500, ( for most, this is the limit on any outside bets), but let’s assume this is £1,000, then you bet £640 , then £1,000, you will have lost £1130, for the lower limit places, or £1270 for the higher playing casinos, in the last few years casinos have intrioduced electronic automatic roullette games that are measured aginst a balancing program that also records all the spins and checks the figure on request, many that I have seen produce figures for all even chance bets, and many like red/black, or even /odd, high/low, can run for in excess of 60 spins without appearing on the opposing chances i.e. red may come up as many as 60 times in a row, before an appearance of a black number comes, and this is in the short term, of less than 90 minutes, and this is a[pplicable to all types of even chance bets, on a roullette game, If you believe any system works all the time, or with any certainty, any of the time, then do I have an offer, for you, it is a little bridge that London wants to get rid of, called “Tower Bridge”, and I am the man that Boris Johnstione has given permission to, to sell it to the highest bidder, and if you can not pay cash, I know of a Banker you can trust to give you a loan, in Scotland, Seriously, though, do you really beliieve that people spend billions on building these palaces of financial pornography because a common practise of customers or conmen could take it away from them, if you think bankers or politicianms are greedy or ruthless, you could try working for a CASINO, the average worker is worth £3,000 a night for their work, outside of London, and outside of London the wages are , at the top end, ( unless you are “eye candy”, or are sleeping with the owners granddaughter, £57 a shift, before tax and national insurance is removed, and no taxi fares home in the morning, and make your own sandwiches, because they are not going to give you a staff meal either, or paid sick pay, or any pension contributions, they are simply temples of greed, and a bonus for the government, because where the turnover is in excess of £11,000,000 annually, the government takes half of the gross income, ( £40,000 a night will get to that figure in 12 months, and that is a small casino drop figure i.e. takings),. they are like the mafia, they have taken over this industry, made themselves partners without paying a penny for doing so, and the police have done nothing to stop their, theft, and this is why nothing is being done about the wagees because socialism, in reality is unreconstructed greed….. it is not without reason, that some people in this world are of the opinion that all tax, is theft, and in my opinion, they are right to protest in any way they can, it is a national scandal that as part of deregulation , casinos are no longer required to even give minimal guidance on the best way to play the games and minimise your risks, which at one time they had to have on a display board on all the tables, involved, it has become morally reprehensible as a mean and selfish way to gain tax revenue, it is definitely a disgrace for Gordon Brown to hide all of this corruption behind a stance of moral superiority, to the voters, stay away from these places at all times, unless you have money to burn, and do not need it to pay bills and never open an account to play, and do not take your checkbook, do not borrow money to play for one last chance, if you are broke then walk home, do not get into debt to fund your play, and if you start lying to others about where you were, or how much you have lost, …. get help from “Gamanon” right away £ P.S. if you believe that any casino is going to be impressed

  • Unless they have a limitless table ( and I’ve never seen one) you are doomed to failure, most have an evens bet limit of £200 and you would be over that by the 6th bet if you were doubling up. 6 consecutive reds or blacks is not that unusual and if you were betting on the other after 5 bets you are stumped. Not only that, what people never seem to mention when championing the Martingale system is ZERO, what if you got up to £160 red/black and zero comes up what then? Martingale works if you play in £1 units and start to cover zero after spin 4, the problem with it is that you can win £1 every spin of the wheel, but if it’s busy that could amount to £5 an hour, not exactly enough to retire on. Good luck anyway.

  • Don’t go to the casino…come to my house. I’ll let you play the Martingale against me, and I will win. Okay so you start with 10 quid..20..40 I’ve seen people lose 10 times in a row at roulette, blackjack, and every other game you can think of. There is no scenario where the Martingale wins. The table limits will get you every time. There is always a limit, casinos have heard of the Martingale. Good luck!

  • Wild risk to take, it could easily fail on your first 7spins. 10 + 20 + 40 + 80 + 160 + 320 + 640 (7th) + 1280 (8th) Accumulative bets up to 7 spins is £1270 then you would not have enough funds to wager the 8th spin as you only have £730 left. As mr.woober posted above you could end up in wobble bottom territory.

  • Yeah I tried all the casino systems, not much good. I came across this football system though. Made me £800 profit:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V…

  • your taking a bit of a gamble.

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