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  • A 360 poker game, or any other game of poker played without real money, is good for learning the rules of the game, but nothing more. Beating Full House Poker does not mean you are actually good at poker. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself at the casino. The only way you’ll improve is by practising. Go along and play some cards, get some experience, have some fun. There are matters of etiquette at a poker table, but they are mostly common sense: Be polite to the dealer and the other players. Pay attention to the action so that you know when it is your turn to act. It isn’t a problem if you have to be prompted a few times, but it becomes a pain if you have to be told when it is your turn every single orbit. Don’t act when it isn’t your turn. Don’t discuss the hand in play while it is still being played. Don’t say what you folded while the hand is still being played, or make it obvious by any gesture. If you fold 92 and the flop come 992, then sighing loudly or anything like that makes it just as obvious as announcing to the table that you had a 9. As far as strategy goes, playing tight is the best bet for a complete beginner, since you’ll lose the least that way. Course, that isn’t much fun. If having fun is the main aim of this trip, and you’re not too fussed about losing a bit of money, then play as you like.

  • First time?? What I always tell first timers is . Throw you hand away over and over and watch closely. I mean pay attention to every play and chip move by every player. Don’t worry if you tossed a winner away. Play your blinds and very good hands. (I take it you will be playing Texas hold ’em) If there is a small limit game go there. Stay away from no limit. Go with the attitude to have fun and learn whats a goin on

  • make shure you know how to play but you’ll probably lose at a casino there biased

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