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  • Though there’s not a lot of difference in skill between low stakes games, still there are some places I found softer than others. In Tunica I found the *Hollywood Casino* to be populated almost entirely by novice players. It’s a good place to beat low stakes no limit hold’em. If there’s not much action there (it’s a tiny room), then try Sam’s Town, or pretty much anyplace in Tunica (I love The Grand, by the way). The most active places are Binion’s and Gold Strike, and the caliber of play isn’t that much tougher unless it’s tournament time. In Vegas, you’re better going to the places that aren’t really known for poker, and don’t host big tourneys. *Excalibur*, for instance, has a large poker room, but no experts in sight, and tons of loose but passive gambley types. You can beat up the limit players here, as well as the no limit. These are the kinds of places where you can get your feet wet, and win some money pretty consistently with a little knowledge and solid play, though unfortunately you will have to graduate to higher stakes and somewhat tougher games if you want the money you make to cover expenses. As a whole, I’d recommend Tunica as the best city in the U.S.A. for low stakes poker. Vegas has more serious players, but the real experienced ones don’t hang around the lowest stakes games in the off-the-beaten-path casinos. Atlantic City is generally a grim and unpleasant place, the expenses are high, and there’s even a bit of toughness in the low stakes games, from some players who actually come to win. I wouldn’t particuarly recommend any other places I’ve been (Colorado, Missouri, Connecticut, NYC), but the biggest gap in my experience is California. I imagine there are some super juicy games, which I’ve never had the good fortune to participate in.

  • at any casino there will be regular players that are fairly good any a few just there to have some fun. My guess would be to try and stay away from bigger gambling communities like AC or vegas. try the looking for little casino’s like the indian casino’s. Also stay away from racetrack tables cuz they will probably have more than the average amount of regulars. A good place to find random competition might be a cruise ship due to the fact that there are many people just there to have a good time. If you are looking for the best place to play online check out my website http://www.webstarts.com/sitnbitch I have only reviewed 3 so far. But they are the 3 best.

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