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  • Try this site. I have his books. He also coaches poker and blackjack. http://shop.thegamblingschool.com/catego‚Ķ

  • Forget it, there’s no best book or guaranteed strategies by casino gurus on how to win big at black jack tables. There are the standard rules and conditions of how to play the black jack in every casino. With 10% skill and 90% luck, you may win some money at the black jack tables. However, a word of advice to those gamblers out there – “be-careful”

  • Check out the Blackjack Betting Trigger. It is a system for playing Blackjack that does not require card counting, can be used online and is designed for multi deck games. Properly applied, it can provide a signifiicant player advantage over the long run. Good luck at the tables!

  • You dont win big in blackjack, you win slowly and steadily, eventually you win big, but it doesnt happen overnight. If you want to play blackjack the best way possible, you arnt gogin to find the information in books, you develope your own advanced strategies and apply them tothe basics of beating the game. Most techniques that can rape and pillage the casinos very effectively arnt written about in detail in books. http://www.qfit.com has a listing of excelent blackjack books one other book that comes to mind is “beyond counting” but you probibly wont be able to get ahold of this one.

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