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  • Go into the Celedon city casino and find the team rocket member at the back, examine the poster it was guarding to open a way into their hideout. complete that and you will get a silph scope. Now climb the lavender tower and you will now be able to get past the ghostly marowak, defeat team rocket at the top and you will be given the pokeflute. Now take that to the sleeping pokemon and play it to wake it up.

  • you have to get the silph scope which is located inside the celadon game corner. to get into the game corner team rocket hideout you talk to the rocket member who is standing in the top right corner of the game corner. fight him and then advance down the stairs. fight your way through the rockets hideout and beat giovanni the leader to obtain the siplh scope. head over to the pokemon tower and go to the top floor. beat the remaining rockets to get the pokeflute. once you have the pokeflute you can wake up the sleeping pokemon also known as snorlax.

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