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  • 1 tip about slots or casinos: Play because you enjoy playing. Don’t play because you think you’re going to win money. You WILL win sometimes, and of course that is always more fun. The truth is, there is NO WAY to beat the casinos in the long run. If you’ve put aside $200 or $500 and told yourself that you won’t mind ‘spending’ this money at the casino because this is your entertainment money and THIS is how you wish to be entertained, then great! I really hope you win. If you DO win, it’s very important to know one thing – it’s NOT because you did anything “right”. It’s simply because you got lucky! Maybe you’ll get lucky the next time, and maybe you won’t. In the long run, you WILL LOSE money to the casino. If you’re not enjoying yourself enough after giving the casino money, then gambling may not be the right form of entertainment for you. If you can lose money on your trip, and you can still say that you had fun, then in my opinion you are gambling in a very healthy way. Good luck! Do a search for “Atlantic City slot payouts”. You might find something specific about the percentage of money each casino pays out. If it’s in the high 90’s, then it’s a good payout. ***EDIT*** By the way – if you believe that on-line casinos are BETTER, you are a fool who deserves to be parted with their money. Don’t fall for crap from someone who is just trying to spam their on-line casino.

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    Although there are good payouts in Atlantic City, NJ. The best payoff slots and casinos are found online. Why? Because they don’t have expensive things to pay for unlike brick and mortar casino. So if you are looking for the best payout, then venture online. If you decided to play online casino, here you can find a list of the best casinos online – http://onlinecasinobb.com . Check it out!

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