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  • Hundreds of times I’ve come on this forum to bash people who talk about Roulette as a beatable game. It can NOT be beat. It is a house game, and in the long run, the casino will get your money. With that said, Roulette is a LOT of fun! Really! If you take your time, and just make minimum bets, you can play for a long time on Roulette and have a blast! My suggestion would be to bet on either Red or Black, and STICK WITH MINIMUM BETS! You can order up some free drinks and chat with the other people on the table, and cheer for folks when they win. You never know – you might end up with a profit if you’re lucky this night! Just don’t ever fool yourself into thinking there is a way to BEAT the roulette wheel! Millions of people have developed thousands of different betting schemes. ALL of them will ultimately make you broke! HAVE FUN and give the Roulette wheel a try. It’s very easy, and you typically won’t lose your money too fast.

  • For fun while learning to play, play Poker in a tournament setting so you can limit your loses. Most Casinos have single table ” sit and go” tournaments, which can be played for $100 or less. $5 a hand Black Jack can be fun and others usually don’t get to crazy if you make a mistake. $5 to $10 Roulette is fun. Play a couple of numbers inside and you can win 35 to 1. Nice game if hit and you can usually play for a while if you are disciplined. Slots are hit and miss. If you find a Machine you like and hit early they can be great but I find them to be a grind. Hope this helps, have fun and good luck!

  • How would I know what you should play? If you’ve never played poker, don’t. You’ll be annoying the other players, and the dealer can’t really stop and explain the game to you. Slots and craps are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, I have no idea what you’ll consider “fun”, and how much money you have to spend. My opinion is that craps is a lot more fun than slots, but you need to have a lot more money. Others really like the slots. Just so and see what looks like fun, and try it out.

  • Well what games do you know? Craps is very confusing if you have never played before. I once sat in a 2 hour class at a casino in Vegas and still barely understood the game. If you know how to play Poker then play poker, its more fun at a casino. Blackjack is another game that IF you know how to play you can do well at. I spend more time at Blackjack and Poker than anything else. I personally find slots boring, no skill involved, just pull the lever or push a button. ho-hum! but if you are in Vegas, no matter what you are playing, make sure you get a waitresses attention cause the booze is free. The only time i play slots is if i just want free drinks. You can make a 10 dollar bill last quite awhile on penny slots. Definitely get more drinks during that time than my 10 bucks would last at the bar.

  • If you are just going to have a good time, then play the penny & nickel slot machines. You won’t lose much money if you keep your slot play to just pennies and nickels. If you want free sports picks for the weekend, I know a professional gambler that gives his picks for free to people goinjg to Vegas the first time. I cant leave his email here, but if you want it just email me.

  • my recommendation is to get the feel for casino gambling by playing slot machines. i maximize my playing time by playing the nickel slots. i’m on a low budget.

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