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7 responses to “Is The Casino Queen A Good Place To See The St Louis Fireworks?” RSS icon

  • 2 b or not 2 b.

    Yes it is that’s were we go every year to see the fireworks.

  • Yes, it’s a great place to see them…just be prepared to wait on the Metro, along with thousands of other people who thought of the same great idea…which it is, but they will all be hot, drunk and tired…just like you…just be patient and you will enjoy yourself! Have a great time!!!

  • you might have a problem with flooding this year.

  • You can also use the pedestrian path on the Eads if the Metrolink lines are too crowded. You do have to be conscious of where you park. There are some areas that could have limited viewing.

  • It’s a great place to see them, but Metro will be packed. You might want to consider viewing them from the Eads Bridge.

  • You might want to call the Queen and verify if some of their parking in under cover. Also, it might be difficult to get to a clear location due to a surge of people. (2nd option)> If for some reason your near Interstate 70 (west) near 270, you’ll be about 15 minutes from Harrahs casino. Call them for directions. Anyway, their roof level parking gives you 360 degree fireworks from all the surrounding area’s. You’ll even see a bit of downtown St. Louis (which is THE #1 spot in that part of Missouri). (IF YOUR WATCHING FROM DOWNTOWN ST. LOUIS (proper) EXPECT A 2 OR 3 HOUR DELAY IN TRAFFIC JAMS !!!) (More on Harrahs), after the works are over, you can pop downstairs to try your luck or catch a great meal. What-ever you decide, you’ve got a great evening coming up !

  • Sounds like a great plan, and you should definitely miss the crazier crowds. I would just call ahead to see what the conditions are right now because of the flooding in the area.

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