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  • It don't matter

    Most casinos now use multiple decks of cards in a shoe and slide them out on the table. Trying to count face cards and 10′s from a 6 deck shoe would be extremely difficult. If you can find a smaller casino still using single decks, you could count. However, dealers are trained to spot counters and will try to distract you. If they are unable, the casino will politely but firmly ask you to leave and never come back.

  • yep it is definitely possible, but it is usually easier in small casinos where security is more laid back.

  • All online casinos will use multiple decks and the dealt cards are replaced and the deck shuffled after EVERY hand. This makes counting cards online impossible.http://www.dashelc.com/play-blackjack.ht…

  • You can still profit from card counting if you are very disciplined and you REALLY know what your doing. You can’t just think you understand. You need to be solid.

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