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  • 3 good answers. I’ll just add another to drive the message home: These casinos were made to TAKE your money, not to give you any! That’s exactly what they will do. Think about what you said – you can have a steady “98% success rate”. Then you said it’s “guaranteed to work”. What you don’t understand is those 2 statements contradict each other. 98% means 98%, it does NOT mean guaranteed! Basically, you’ll make a dollar, then make a dollar, then make a dollar, then make a dollar…..over and over again….UNTIL – BAM! You suddenly lose a hundred dollars! 2% is 1 out of 50! I know it doesn’t seem high, but it DOES and WILL happen! When it does, you’ll come back here claiming that these casino sites are “rigged” against the player. They’re not. They just are already set up to TAKE YOUR MONEY! Try to beat roulette or any other casino game at your peril. Life is not supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be hard work. Start figuring out how YOU can work hard to make money, or do some research into what sort of cardboard can keep you warmest for when you’re living on the street in the wintertime. ***EDIT*** FAH-Q – Do you ever bother to even read what you type? Honest to God, what you’ve written is barely coherent. The parts that you make clear, you’re totally off-base with OR they are completely irrelevant. Nothing I wrote in this post required a source. It’s a logical argument that I am making. If you bet on something with a 98% win rate, you WILL LOSE sometimes! What source must I site to make that point? Perhaps you need a source, but the rest of the world doesn’t. You’re way off on this, as usual.

  • There are no strategies that are ‘guaranteed to win’. Take your suggestions in order: 1) Betting on the red or black pays evens, and chance of winning is just under 50% (depends on the table – 0 and 00 aren’t generally red or black). 2) Doubling your money every time you lose just means you can run out of money and can’t play any more. The people who run these sites aren’t in it for fun – they know exactly what the odds are. Any casino can tell to the nearest dollar exactly what the ratio between turnover and percentage profit is, and it’s always in their favour. Online casinos generally offer odds and payback percentages that are comparable to land-based casinos. House advantages vary from casino to casino. For a typical player with average skills house advantages in different casino games range from 5 percent to 1.5 percent for blackjack; 1.1 percent to 14.4 percent for baccarat; 1.4 percent to 16.7 percent for craps; 2.7 percent to 5.3 percent for roulette; and 0.5 to 12 percent for slot machines. Ultimately you will lose

  • “For example in the rulette game, betting only on red and black, dubbeling your money everytime you loose, would make you a steady 98% success rate and is guaranteed to work.” That system is called the Martingale system. It has been around for ages, has been tried by thousands, has obliterated thousand banks. Do you really think just because you will rarely lose it works? You only need to lose ONCE to lose EVERYTHING. Go on, do a search about the martingale system to find out why it doesn’t work and why you’re guaranteed to suffer a heavy loss if you decide to use it consistently.

  • Doubling your bet at the roulette table will not work because you will very soon run into the table limit. I’ve seen it happen myself in Las Vegas and other places. I once witnessed black come up 24 times in a row for a guy that was using the same method. He lost ALL the cash he had already made prior because he ran right into the table limit before he could hit a win. The casino can be beat in the short run only. Never in the long run. The advantage is always on the house. The edge will grind you out. No way around it.

  • besides the roulette have you got more of those guarantee to win strategies? I have been playing for year but haven’t found any jet. So let me share in you wisdom. Or do you think that maybe there are no strategies and that is why it is called gambling and not making money?

  • Illegal? No Impossible? Yes You will lose all of your money with this strategy. Learn how to spell roulette and double before you try inventing something nobody else in the world has ever done!

  • Just consider this: the only reason casinos exist is to make money.

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