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  • Yes, there are people who count cards. I do it myself, and there are several other members on this board that do as well. It is not as hard as many people think to get away with, but definitely not as profitable as it was for the people who that movie was based on. There are security folks on the lookout for “teams” of counters who could potentially get away with a lot of money if they went undetected, but a typical, small time player sitting at the $5 table can eek out a profit without being bothered very often. IMO, EVERYONE who plays blackjack more than a few times a year should make an effort to learn to count cards. There are a couple of systems out there that are quite simple, and a player can easily wipe away the house edge or create a small advantage without having to learn the complicated counts and strategy changes that a professional card counter would use. And FYI, the term “blacklisted” is an oft misinterpreted term in the context of Las Vegas casinos. The “real” blacklist is a list of know casino CHEATS who have been convicted of crimes against casinos, and usually on multiple occasions. I forget the exact number, but there are only something like 20 people on the list, and none of them got there for counting cards. It is true that there are known professional gamblers who will be forbidden to play blackjack or asked to leave just about any casino in Las Vegas, but they are not, by definition, “blacklisted.”

  • The Movie 21 was a highly fictionalized and dramatized version of an event that occurred years ago in Las Vegas. The system worked then, but nowhere near as well as the movie protrays. And since that time, the casinos have made many changes to the game to thwart the practice. It still can be done successfully, but the returns are much smaller. Every time I play, I just automatically count cards, it has become second nature after all the years I have played, and usually at every session I run into at least one or two favorable shoes. You really do not have to be that smart, the system is already worked out in detail, but it takes a lot of practice to learn and master, but it is worthwhile if you play enough, more than just an occasional trip to the casino. Here is a link that explains it in more detail: http://www.thedoverpro.com/blackjack/bla‚Ķ Good luck if you try it!

  • The Proof Is In The Pudding

    Yes, but the casinos are smart too and constantly on the look out for them. Anyone caught counting is basically blacklisted and not allowed in to any of the casinos again. (Still better than what happened to card counters up until the late 80′s. Most of them are still probably buried in the desert surrounding Vegas.)

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