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  • It depends upon the casino. If they determine that you’re playing at an advantage over them, They will do anything from treating you with respect but politely disallowing you to play that particular game, to backrooming you & reading you the trespass act, all the way to the point of false arresting you and/or beating you up. To my knowledge, the only 2 places where the casinos have been prohibited by LAW from barring you are all New Jersey casinos, and all casinos in Quebec. As far as disrupting you, they are allowed to take corrective action in order to negate your advantage. For example, if you find a defective slot machine which pays out too much, they’re allowed to close the machine until they get it fixed. BTW, just to back up what you’re inferring; there is not a SINGLE casino game that CAN’T be beaten using legal means.

  • Without referring to card counting, what are you referring to? How can you can a mathematical advatange in a game with a house advatange (other than counting). They wouldn’t care, they’d probably offer them a free room, making sure they stick around until they get their money back. But casinos can refuse service to someone if they want.

  • If you are winning a lot and getting lucky they would probably monitor you to make sure you weren’t cheating, but they wouldnt do anything.

  • It depends on the situation, and the amount of money involved, casinos are starting to get smarter about boting out advantage players. Even peopel who are legitamnently cheating may not be hauled off to jail, most fo the time, they get a few stern warnings, and if they continue to cheta, they get the boot, only iff the player is a known persistant cheat or there is lots of money involved will the police be notified, many times player who cheat occasionally are simply allowed to cheat, sicne they are actually losing more money than they gain from cheating simply by playing. The casinos are getting wiser in the same way to advantage players that dont cheat as well, before a player is given the boot, or stopped from playing by whatever means, most casinos now review a players overall actions when playing in the casino. For instance, an advantage blackjack player playign small cash, may only expect to win 5-7 dollar per hour at the tables, if they pay parkign fees, buy stuff from the gift shops, and buy dinner there hiel only playign a few hours, they may ignore them and allow them to play, also many times advantage players come with freinds and family members that lose money playing other games, and the cumulitve ev is still in the favor of the casino. If they do decide that they need to take action against an advantage player, they will do one of several things. -They may, limit their ability to play at an advantage by making special rules that apply only to them, for blackjack players, they may limit your max bet, and the number of hands you can play simultaniously, or the may instruct the dealer to shuffle more often, or use different shuffling procedures if neccessary. In craps, they may deny a player the ability to toss the dice, and limit him to only betting on other shooters, -They may instruct you that you are no longert allowed to play the game in question, and if you continue to play, you will be escorted off the premisis -They may try to intimidate you by making it known, that they know what you are doing, this is common in atlantic city, where players cannot be barred for reasons of player skill. -They may excort you out with no reason whatsoever -Lastly they may bar you form the casino under their rights as a private entity, and if you come back, you will be charged with trespassing, and fined a small amount of money. ————————————–… In atlantic city, it is unlawfull for a casino to bar a player for reasons of player skill. ————————————–… If a player is winning consistantly, typically casinos have a dollar amount set by company policy that if a player wins over that dollar amount, it will trigger a play review of the events that happend to check for cheating, or advantage play

  • I just wanted to address the non-card counter aspect of the question. In general, the casinos are not going to do anything to you if you’re playing within the rules and don’t appear to be playing with a legitimate advantage. In fact, most of the time they will throw more comps and freebies at you in an attempt to get you to spend more time at the tables, because they know in the long run that they’ll get back any money you win from them and more. At most casinos, the only game where they are concerned with ‘advantage’ players is at the blackjack tables. That being said, there are a couple kinds of players that some casinos will attempt to deal with in a not-so-nice way. The first is the dice controller at the craps table. If someone is throwing it very softly, barely skimming the back wall in what appears to be a controlled manner, they may take action. That might be something as subtle as standing around and staring at you intently, trying to ‘chit chat’ to get you off your game, or being loud about calling you a ‘shooter’ (i.e., insinuating that you know what you’re doing). Or, they may be more forceful. They may hassle you about the way you throw, and threaten to take the dice away mid-turn. Or, in some very rare instances, they may forbid you from shooting altogether. The only other type of player I’ve seen casino personnel giving ‘heat’ to is the roulette wheel clocker. This is a person that attempts to predict the area the ball will drop in by watching the speed and release point of the ball, and drop down a series of bets to cover that section at the very last second. If a pit boss feels like a player is doing this successfully, he may instruct the croupier to vary his throw and wheel speed more, or may even tell him to cut off the betting before he drops the ball.

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