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  • The only way to get more comfortable playing poker is to play more poker. If you really enjoy poker, play at the lowest level LIMIT games. If you are playing in a $2/$4 LIMIT game, no amount of hand shaking and voice breaking is going to change how the people play against you. The “tells” anyone can get from you are basically non-existent. Play that game until you feel comfortable. In the meantime, please understand that nobody plays “really well at house games” well enough to beat the casino. You are truly delusional if you believe otherwise. And its always better to check the odds online in sites like http://www.casinator.com/learn-how-to-pl…

  • Read a poker book. That might give you more confidence. Don’t worry so much about your “tells”. Worry that you’re playing your hands correctly. Experience is also a valuable thing. The more you play, the more comfortable you will feel. The only worrisome thing that you typed was when you said, “I play really well at house games and I also win at the casinos…” First of all, of course you can win at your house games. You’re playing against people that are all much worse than you probably. More disturbing is the “I also win at the casino…” part. That shows us all that you are a bit clueless about casino games. You said that statement as if you were doing something “right” with casino games. You’re not. If you’ve won, it’s only because of ONE REASON – you got lucky! That’s it. Don’t ever fool yourself into believing that the casino is a way to MAKE money. It’s not, and if you think it is, you are a fool who will soon be parted with a ton of money! Go to the casino, (the poker tables included), for ENTERTAINMENT! Any other reason is not sane.

  • Hmm, just let us know where you’ll be playing next. Or maybe you should practice at some online sites to get used to playing with strangers. Many of them have no money practice games.

  • You have to know the odds of winning and always hold cards that are of poker hands.

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