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  • Blackjack is a tough game and nobody can just come and play this game and win. It needs some skills of knowing when to hold and when to hit. So you must know some strategies to stay for a long in blackjack. For that you can take reference from http://www.thebonuscasinos.com/blackjack… For more help you may consider the Pdq’s reference.

  • Check out the Wizard of Odds reviews about Blackjack books. I would start with one of those that he highly recommends. I like your attitude towards this adventure. It sounds like you are MOSTLY being realistic about it. You understand that you won’t be making millions. Just remember one very important thing – you have to become an EXPERT at this before the odds are on your side, and even then they are only slightly on your side. Few people do this really well. Most of the ones that can do it well enough to make a profit will tell you that it ends up being NOT fun. It is really more like work when you do it well enough to profit.

  • PDQ is exactly right on this. Check out the wizard of oddz website and expect to learn a lot!

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