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  • Rusty Shackleford

    As usual, pdq is right, and I agree with David too. I don’t spend anything. I play poker and I pretty much break even, actually a few bucks ahead, and I play enough that my meals are usually comped. How much others spend should have no effect on how much you decide to spend. Some people can’t afford to lose anything and have no business being in a casino, while some people can lose thousands of dollars and not even miss it. It also depends on what you’re planning to play. At table games, I don’t think $100 will last very long. On the other hand you could probably sit all day at the penny slots with $100. If you play poker and you’re good, and lucky, you could play for a long time at a 2/4 limit game with $100, but at a 1/2 no limit game, one bad beat could take your whole bankroll. My suggestions are: 1) Take only as much as you can afford to lose. Assume you are going to lose. You may win and, if you do, that’s great, but the odds are against you. 2) Leave your credit and debit cards at home, so you’re not tempted to spend more then you planned. 3) Don’t forget to budget for food. If you plan to eat lunch and dinner, you can expect to spend AT LEAST $30. or much more at many restaurants. Out on the boardwalk you could probably find a pizza place or something a little bit cheaper. You get free drinks while you play, but you’re expected to tip the servers. 4) When you get to the casino, ask about getting a player rewards card, even if you don’t plan on going again. Casinos usually offer incentives for getting a card. These may include bonuses like a free buffet, and usually offer a certain amount of free slot play for new members. You might even do a little research online before you go to find out who offers the best incentives. 6) Have fun

  • Treat gambling as entertainment. How much can YOU afford to spend in order to be entertained? If you want to spend $100, then bring that. If you want to spend $200, then bring that. Just create a plan. How much do you want to afford yourself for food? How much do you want to afford yourself for gambling? How about shopping? Just make a plan, then stick to it. If you run out of gambling money, then you don’t gamble anymore that day. If your gambling budget is small, then just play nickel slot machines very slowly, and take some breaks in between every $10 or $20 that you spend on them.

  • How long is a piece of string? It is YOUR money so spend as much as YOU want

  • zero, I have never been there. $40 to 60 at Fox woods

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