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  • I really like the fact that you used the stipulation that you would have needed to receive “one wish”. Usually I just tell people that they are delusional to think they would ever win so much at a casino. But throw a bit of magic into the mix, and you’re all set! With magic, you could be one of the few people on the planet to beat the casinos! Without it, you’re just another schmuck. I agree with folks who said that the casino can throw anyone out for any reason at any time. If you really are given one wish to be lucky for 48 hours, you’re better off just buying PowerBall tickets.

  • If you win your money on roulette in Vegas, you will not be kicked out. In fact, they will treat you like a king and give you comped rooms for as long as you want so that you will stay longer. After your 48 hours is over, you will continue to play and eventually lose all the money back to them and any money you brought or can borrow.

  • yes – but it is not likely to happen as long as it looks like you are for real and just got lucky (they will be watching you on camera and have experts who can tell, like in the movie Rain Man) technically they can ask anybody they want to leave, it is their property

  • Yes. Life virtually any private business, they have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason (not protected by discrimination laws) or no reason.

  • you can win and get rich like savage and no one will do nothing but be carefull thieves mate some times you can get the money in your bank account no cash

  • i say no but that is just my answer and it is a guess

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